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MarcusSims91 Coral Office Updated + New Conversions

Sunday, October 23, 2016
  • Coral Office Desk (more realistic glass), Eames Shell Chair, Radio Clock, Chalkboard (Original textures + 6 Recolors by @paisleyavenueredux ), Hanging Hat, Pencil Cup, Task Lamp and Wall Mounted Storage
  • Billyjean Side Table (Not pictured, updated textures and swatches)
  • Broken Kitchen Clock, Functional Kitchen Fire Alarm (Updated textures and swatches)
  • Hanging Birdcage
  • MangoSims Cushion (Not pictured, footprint was updated)
  • Modern Rug
  • NMS Jack Cushion (Not pictured)
→ 6 New Conversions
  • Coral Office Coffee Mug, Globe, Notebook & Pencil  (+ recolors by @paisleyavenueredux) and Tulips
  • Simsbox Notebooks
  • Billyjean End Table (pictured)
CREDITS: @marcussims91, @simsbox, @paisleyavenueredux, @you-lust, @pseudodigs (broken kitchen clock recolors), Billyjean, Guatla and NMS

**Important Note: Except for the Wall Mounted Storage, I’ve kept the same name and package of the files so you can easily replace them in your Mods folder and don’t have any of the objects disappearing from your lots.

***DOWNLOAD: SimFileShare
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  1. Love it Naya!! Thank you for this!! ♥ #Fan #creative #artistic